News / Nyheter 13th of January 2010

Happy new year all friends! Its already feels like this year will be a fantastic year for all of us music lovers!

Our two new releases with Sabu Martinez seems to enjoy people all around the world. The albums received a top review in the swedish magazine Daily News (Dagens Nyheter) today (Link here).

There will be plenty of interesting concerts during this spring... Check this out:

23rd of January - Grafikens hus Mariefred
30th of Januari - Fasching Stockholm
13th of February - Neferiti Göteborg

26th of March - Frölunda Kulturhus Göteborg (Tickets:

We are also planning Lasse Hollmer Tribute Night in Stockholm since the Lasse Hollmer festival we had last year was a huge success.

We are also planning a couple of Sabu Martinez Tribute Nights.
(Thanks to all of you who attended the 12th of December happening.)

For those of you who understand the swedish language, can I tell that there will be an interview with me and Johnny Martinez this friday (15th of January, time: 16.00-17.45) on swedish radio. The name of the program is "Studio Ett" on SR P1 (Channel 1). You can listen to it here.

Since we cancelled the Melloboat 2009, so has the exceptations on a Melloboat 2010 escalted and we are in the planning period of "Melloboat 2010 - This will never happen again".

Stay tuned friends!


News / Nyheter 21th of October 2009

If you wonder why it has been so quite on the front so can I tell that reason is our new upcoming releases. We have been working day and night to get everything together.
The 1st of December is the release date for the following titles:
MELLOCD 31 SABU MARTINEZ - Maldito Primitivo "The Swedish Radio Recordings 1977"
MELLOLP 8 SABU MARTINEZ - Maldito Primitivo "The Swedish Radio Recordings 1977"
MELLOCD 32 SABU MARTINEZ - The Dalecarlia Recordings 1971-72
MELLOLP 9 SABU MARTINEZ - The Dalecarlia Recordings 1971-72

Maldito Primitivo was a band with Sabu, his two sons and various talented musicians...
On the Mariahissen recording which are included on our next release are there 11 people on stage and
musically they sounds like if Soft Machine had recorded an album in Puerto Rico.
The guitarplayer Amedeo Nicoletti plays wonderful and one can hear that Richard Rolf from November
has been inspired by him.
The Dalecarlia Recordings inclueds a percussion musicla which Sabu Martinez composed and arranged. . All the musical content was performed by Sabu´s pupils who also appeared on the Afro Temple album. The tapes have been buried deep down in the vaults of the KSB studio ever since the recording session took place back in 1971. Here they are now presented for the first time.

The Dalecarlia Recordings also includes music from the album Aurora Borealis and some exciting live material with Bortalaget and Björbibandet. All recordings from my old high school.


News / Nyheter 28th of June 2008 (A Swedish version will follow below)

The rolling MELLOTRONEN shop will visit the festival PARKFESTEN 2008 outside Nora (örebro) the 12th of July. Hope to meet many Mellotronen friends on this new festival which we hope will be a yearly tradition.

We have just released a new and fresh double CD edition of KULTIVATOR - "Barndomens stigar". The CD will be available at our stand at PARKFESTEN as well as 1000 of other CDs, LPs and DVDs.

Talking about DVDs so is the editing of the mighty MELLOBOAT 2008 DVD done!!! The result is beyond all expectations!!! Hoping to release the double layer DVD in the end of August.

At the same time will our two releases of unreleased material with Sabu Martinez be available. Yes you have heard this before but now is it actually the truth!!! Believe it or not....

Here comes some important dates: 26th of September, 24th of October, 19th of November and 5th of December. These are the dates to remember if you are in the Stockholm area during the fall and wants to visit the MELLO-CLUB at Café Edenborg (Stora Nygatan 35, gamla stan). The coolest place in old town. We wil offer new arrivals of LPs, CDs, DVDs, fresh coffee, food, beer and music performed by interesting musicians. What can be better? See you all soon I hope / Stef.

Nyheter på svenska

Den rullande Mellotronen-shopen kommer att anlända till Nora den 12:e Juli. Där är det premiärdax för den nya festivalen PARKFESTEN. Hoppas att så många som möjligt av våra Mellotronenvänner dyker upp.

Med stolthet kan vi meddela att KULTIVATOR - "Barndomens stigar" äntligen finns i remastrerad dubbelutgåva. Den går att beställa i web-shopen men finns så klart med i vår ambulerande shop som stannar i Nora.

Klipparbetet av den kommande DVDn från Mellobåten 2008 har gått mycket bra och vid en genomgång tidigare idag så blev det gåshud vid flera tillfällen. Med lite tidsoptimism så finns dubbel-layer DVDn ute i Augusti precis som våra nästakommande utgåvor "Burned Sugar" och "Winds and Skins" med Sabu Martinez som har varit på G sedan 2004.

Som ni minns eller kanske hört talas om så var det fantastiskt trivsamt på Café Edenborg den 7:e Mars tidigare i år när vi hade förfest och PIU spelade så fint för alla oss 140 som klämt in oss i gamla stans coolaste café.

Nu har storchefen själv, nämligen Carl-Michael Edenborg erbjudit mig att ta över Caféet en dag i månaden. Så den 26:e September slås portarna upp för MELLO-CLUB. Förutom levande musik så kommer det att finnas mat, öl och skivor till kaffet. Övriga datum är 24:e Oktober, 19:e November och 5:e December. J det var det hele / Stef.



IGA KRIGET will perform Live at the Venue DIESELVERKSTAN (just outside Stockholm) the 8th of December. Dieselverkstan is easy to reach via bus from Slussen or the train Saltsjöbanan.

Tickets via us here at Mellotronen. call: 08 - 20 00 12 or e-mail:

Price 150 SEK



News / Nyheter 23rd of October 2007

The 29th of November will the band NOVEMBER perform in Stockholm for the first time since 1993. The venue is KÄGELBANAN at Mosebacke. For tickets please contact: or

by phone: +46 (0)8 - 531 99 490

Price: 200 SEK


The 8-9th of March is it time to join us or for another mindblowing boat trip. This time is it our 21st Anniversary. So the working name is simply "The 21st Annivesary Schizoid Boat".

The tickets will be available from the 26th of October.

You can find booking info on the site . Just click on RESOR & PRISER and then click on SPECIALKRYSSNINGAR.
There will you find all instructions how to order tickets. If you have trouble then come back to ua and We'll help you.

The price for the tickets, everything included (except the flight!), is approximately $155.00 US Dollars, reasonable price for seeing 17 concerts and having a cozy cabin with fresh towels and a shower. There will be lots of fun in an out-of-space atmosphere with cool music and hoards of nice people. It will be 39 wonderful hours.

A special stage will be built in the shopping galleria.
Onboard are their approximately 8-10 restaurants, bars, swimming pool, sauna and all other luxury facilities.
Hope to see you in March! / Stefan

The following bands will perform on the boat:


See also the site. for more info.


News / Nyheter 17th of May 2007

Time flies and the summer is near, so is also the release of the Melloboat DVD.

We are editing and mastering the last chapters now so the scheduled release date of 7th of June is on. The DVD is 3 hours and filled with remarkable good concertclips from the boat as well as interviews and photo gallery!!!

We will bring a big bunch of DVDs down to the Sweden Rock festival were Solid Ground, Anekdoten and November will perform.

For those of you who doesn't have the possibillity to see November at Sweden Rock can I tell that there are two more chances.

Saturday the 9th of June will November perform at Restaurant Satin in Örebro. The Restaurant is located at Olaigatan 8 in center ot the City.

Doors open at 8:00 PM but I can strogly recommend to buy tickets already though the Restaurant only takes a limited quantity if people.

What a thrill to experience a November concert in a Örebro.

I guess they will make an extended set with music that never had been presented by them before!!! So be there it is already a classic!!! happend!!!

Tickets will you get at: NAJZ PRAJZ at phone: 019-611 88 10

or at or Biljettbutiken at phone: 019-21 21 21

If you can't see November in Örebro then is the last chance at Trädgårn in Gothenburg Friday the 13th of July. Tickets via or all other info via

12th of July is Porcupine Tree peforming at Trädgårn in Gothenburg. My suggestion is to take a few days and enjoy two great concerts in a row.

Don't forget to visit Norrköping the 5th-6th of July. It is time for the big Alternative Festival and 32 bands are schedueled. Fläsket Brinner, Mikael Ramel, Bo Hansson among many many others...

During September is it time for the new album with Trettioåriga Kriget. The name of the album is "I början och slutet". The band will of course promote their new album with some concerts!!!

17th of August will the perform at the Crescendo Festival in Saint Palais Sur Mer in France and 7th of Spetember at Studion in Umeå. 8th of September at Pinkerton in Skellefteå. Ticket for the Swedish concerts via

We are still waitng for a confirmed date for a Stockholm concert!!!

If you can´t wait for all the action this summer then go to Käglebanan Friday the 18th of May for the very first Swedish KRAUTROCK FESTIVAL. Six very interesting bands under the same roof the same evening.

A Festival in my taste, hope to see you there.

Greetings / Stefan

News / Nyheter 19th of March 2007

Just a quick reminder that FRIENDSHIP TIME will perform LIVE at the PUB Big Ben at Folkungagatan 97 Thursday the 22nd of March at 8:00 PM.

Fee: 150 SEK

News / Nyheter 7th of February 2007

A hectic time is over and I want to thank all wonderful people who joined us at our 20th anniversary cruise. The passangers, the artists, the crew, media who supported the event with 100% and of course Silja Line for letting this thing happen.

Do I need to say that I want to do it again...???!!!

Anyway, SOLID GROUND, FRIENDSHIP TIME and ASOKA will perform on the Rock at Sea cruise the 10th of March. For those of you who wants tickets can I tell that if you are contacting and tell her that you are a MELLOTRONEN FRIEND then you can easily get a ticket for 50 SEK (instead of 565 SEK which it costs for other passangers)

On the boat will at least 15 other bands perform. One of them is BUDIGE which will be a highlight for me and for Anders Berge of Solid Ground!

NOVEMBER will take SWEDEN ROCK by STORM the 8th of June at 6:15PM.

The 4th of August will Morte Macabre perform at the KURI PROG Festival in Estonia. Kuri is an Island outside Tallinn. KURI means EVIL in the Estonian language. Best of all is that EMMA NORDENSTAM are included in the Morte Macabre line-up.


Stay in touch / Stefan

News / Nyheter 20th of October 2006

Only three months left to the big Mellotronen party at the boat SILJA FESTIVAL. Lots of tickets has been sold but there is still some available. Call SILJA LINE if you want to join: +46 - 8 - 22 21 40 or Check the file "Specialkryssningar at their webpage:

For those of you who are living in the Skåne area can I tell that there is plenty of seat left in the ASOKA bus. They will pick up people living near the motorway on the way up to the boat the 27th of January. Call the Daffy for more info tel: 040-98 15 61 or via cell phone: 070-41 26 239

During the last week did I visit the band NOVEMBER in their rehearsal studio. A short clip from that night is available on Search for "november mellotronen" and you will see a band in their finest hour.

Hope to see you all on the boat in January!!!

News / Nyheter 11st of April 2006

Tonight is it the releaseparty for the new album with Emma Nordenstam as well as the new album with Ital Skurk (feat. Huxflux Nettermalm)

Both artists will perform live at the Restaurant Landet at Telefonplan (Stockholm).

The party will start at 8.00 PM. See you tonight!!!!

Saturday the 15th of April will FLÄSKET BRINNER perform Live at the jazz club Fasching here in Stockholm. Have not seen their three or four latest shows so it will be a thrill to get the chance to see this marvelous orcherstra again.

See you at Fasching on Saturday!!!

Next year will we (Mellotronen) celebrate our 20th anniversary and what could be better than a party on the ferryboat SILJA FESTIVAL?!

The date for the party is 27th of January 2007 (even if the real birthday is 14th of September) Almost all bands connected to the Mellotronen label will perform live at the party. Stay tuned for more info and confirmations.

Trettioåriga Kriget will perform at the BAJA PROG Festival in Mexicali, Mexico.The festival starts the 8th of March and their gig is suposed to be the 9th of March.

A new edition (with nicer artwork) of their debutalbum will be released during the same day.

Fläsket Brinner will perform at Village in Västerås the 3rd of March and at the Pub BIG BEN in Stockholm 6-7th of March. Tickets for the Big Ben concerts are available through Mellotronen.


News / Nyheter 14th of November 2005

Friday the the 25th of November is it time for the yearly PROG AT SEA ferryboat to leave Stockholm with destination Finland. Over 2000 excited progheads has bought ticket and will go berserk for a 24 hour party.

Here follows a not complete list of some of the highlights of this years trip. ASOKA, CHARLIE & ESDOR, ARCHIMEDES BADKAR, MIKAEL RAMEL & MERIT HEMMINGSON, KENNY HÅKANSSON, TRÄD GRÄS & STENAR among many others. As always there will be a Record Convention onboard.

Another exciting thing is the tribute concert for the late ALLAN EDWALL. ASOKA will perform at least two of his songs on this concert. For those of you who are not tired after 24 hours then please just stay onboard and you will get the chance to see BUDGIE, KEN HENSLEY and ASOKA (again) for another 24 hour trip with 2000 Hard Rock fans.

Mellotronen with crew will of course be on board. We are proud to have MELLO CD 020 MIKAEL RAMEL - 3:e Skivan ready for release.

See you onboard on the PROG AT SEA boat.


If you are in the Stockholm area at the time don´t miss this chance to experience one of the best bands from this part of the world and of course the beautiful Swedish archipelago.
Tickets are available at Blidösundsbolaget phone +46 (0) 8 - 24 30 90
The price (without food) is 180 SEK.

For more info contact:

or by phone: 08-24 30 90.

Other questions contact us at:

The Fläsket Brinner line-up:

Bengt Dahlén: Electric Guitar
Anders Ekholm: Saxophone
Thomas Jutterström: Hammond Organ
Göran Lagerberg: Electric Bass
Erik Dahlbäck: Drums

Fläsket Brinner spelar LIVE ombord på ångbåten S/S Blidösund.

ONSDAGEN den 20:e Juli spelar FLÄSKET BRINNER på skärgårdsbåten BLIDÖSUND.
Ni som sett deras tidigare spelningar vet vad det handlar om och för er som inte gjorde det. Missa inte FLÄSKET BRINNER den här gången! Biljetter bokas via Blidösundsbolaget på 08-24 30 90
De billigaste biljetterna kostar 180:- (då ingår ej någon mat) Övrig info kan fås via Mellotronen i Gamla stan tel: 08 - 20 00 12 eller via

Tuesday the 24th of May
will Trettioåriga Kriget give a full lenght concert at the Rock club DEBASER.
Come and join them and celebrate the releases of their albums HEJ PÅ ER, KRIGSSÅNG and their selftitled album TRETTIOÅRIGA KRIGET. Olle Thörnvall´s book about the band will be available as well!!!

For more info contact us at: or

Requests about a gig guide has been a frequent question in our mail-box.
If you are living in/near Stockholm or passing through during the spring we can recommend some highlights on the Live scene of Stockholm

Monday the 18th of April
is the release date for Mikael Ramel´s new album called VILKEN SKILLNAD.
The concert/party will take place at the cozy Restaurant MOSEBACKE.
As very special guests has DUNGEN been invited.
In our opinion, this is a perfect mix for a perfect night.
The price is: 120:- (+booking fee 10:-) Tickets are available from us:

If you like to have dinner at the restaurant Mosebacke you can book table at: or by phone: 08 - 556 09 890

Friday the 3rd of June
is the world premier for the new line-up of Fläsket Brinner.
They are back at the legendary Jazz club Fasching.
If you not have experienced Fläsket Brinner then take this chance.
Attention!!! Tickets will be sold out really fast!!!

Tickets are available through or the shop Multi-Kulti at St:Paulsgatan or through us

Opps!!! Sorry we almost forgot to introduce the Fläsket Brinner line-up.
Bengt Dahlén: Electric Guitar
Anders Ekholm: Saxophone
Tomas Jutterström: Hammond Organ
Göran Lagerberg: Electric Bass
Erik Dahlbäck: Drums

Three magic nights to look forward to!!!!

NEWS/NYHETER 24 August 2004

For the first time since 1973 Trettioariga Kriget will do a concert in their
homevillage of Saltsjöbaden, 15km southeast of Stockholm!!
The concert will take place on the 28th of august 21.00 at Jaktvarvet,
To get there just take the local train "Saltsjöbanan" from Slussen in
central Stockholm to Solsidan.
From the trainstation in Solsidan just walk about 600m towards Älgö.
There will also be signs there to show the direction.
Tickets are available from Saltsjöbadens Bokhandel, Exlibris Bokhandel in
Forum Nacka,
Restaurang Gudingen at Jaktvarvet and of course also at door.


NEWS/NYHETER 17 August 2004

Trettioåriga kriget
performs at
"Slottsskogen goes progressive" festival in Gothenburg Saturday 21st of August.
Do not miss the chance to see one of the most powerful bands in Sweden ever!
Free entrance, for more info:
Trettioåriga kriget line-up:
Stefan Fredin - bass
Dag Lundqvist - drums
Robert Zima - vocals, guitar
Christer Åkerberg - lead guitar
Mats Lindberg - keyboards

NEWS/NYHETER 5 June 2004

Onsdagen den 9:e Juni spelar Paatos på O-baren på Restaurang Sturehof/Stockholm.
Fri Entré som vanligt.
Kvällen till ära så kommer David Wilczewski att dyka upp och spela flöjt och saxofon.
Han försvinner sedan iväg på Europa turné med Brian Wilson.
Det kommer att finnas ett begränsat antal KALLOCAIN skivor till försäljning.
KALLOCAIN släpps den 14:e Juni för allmänheten.
En vanlig utgåva och en "Special Edition" inkl. en DVD.

Paatos live concert wednesday the 9th of June at O-baren inside the restaurant Sturehof
in Stockholm, Sweden.
Special guest is David Wilczewski!
A limited quantity of the new CD "KALLOCAIN" will be for sale this evening.

NEWS/NYHETER 19 May 2004

Paatos celebrates their second CD "Kallocain"

by playing live att hotel Lydmar in Stockholm the 26th of May
around 9 PM.
Kallocain will be released by InsideOut in two versions
one standard version and one deluxe version incl. four track DVD.
Free entrance

NEWS/NYHETER 1 April 2004

TRETTIOÅRIGA KRIGET live at Alcazar, Nalen in Stockholm the 1st of May

Tickets are available at Ticnet
or Mellotronen, tel +46-(0)8 - 20 00 12 or:
Date: 1st of may - Alcazar, Nalen, Stockholm.

Concert update:

Also confirmed are Slottskogen Progressive Festival in Gothenburg and
Progday Festival, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA!!
The dates are like follows:
21st of august - Slottskogen Progressive festival, Gothenburg.
4th of September - Progday Festival, Chapel Hill, North Carolina,USA.

NEWS/NYHETER 1 April 2004

From now on you can pay with PAYPAL at!!!!

NEWS/NYHETER 6 January 2004
FLÄSKET BRINNER Live in Stockholm 31st of January 2004

Yes!!! Fläsket Brinner will give an exclusive concert in Stockholm.
The concert will take place at Jazz club Fasching (Kungsgatan 63)
Date: January, 31
Time: 20:00
Price: 130 SEK
Concert form: Two sets with plenty of time for improvisations and other

Tickets are available at Mellotronen, tel: 08 - 20 00 12 or:

The line-up:
Bengt Dahlén
Per Bruun
Erik Dahlbäck
Gunnar Bergsten
Sten Bergman
with reservation for eventual special guests.
Fläsket Brinner will perform music from their entire career as well as some
unexpected surprices from 1971.....

FLÄSKET BRINNER spelar "Live" på Fasching den 31:a Januari, 2004
Efter sina succé spelningar på Mosebacke, Norrköping och Silja Line
festivalen så är Fläsket Brinner tillbaka i Stockholm.

Att Fläsket Brinner blev en av 2003 års mest hyllade "LIVE" akter kom inte
som någon överraskning. Nu ger de sin publik
en exklusiv chans att uppleva ytterliggare hel kväll med musik från hela
deras karriär.
Den här gången på anrika jazzklubben Fasching (Kungsgatan 63) kl. 20:00

Biljetterna kostar 130:-/st och finns på Mellotronen (Kåkbrinken 16) i Gamla
Tel: 08 - 20 00 12 eller:

Fläsket Brinners laguppställning på Fasching är:
Bengt Dahlén
Per Bruun
Erik Dahlbäck
Gunnar Bergsten
Sten Bergman
med reservation för eventuella gästspel och andra oväntade överraskningar!!

NEWS/NYHETER 5 January 2004

Mellotronen goes to Midem!

For those of you who will attend at Midem 2004 there will be possible to set
up meetings.

For more info:

NEWS/NYHETER 22 September 2003
Premiär på:

"Rock och pop kvällar på anrika Stampen"

Plats: Stampen (Gamla Stan i Stockholm)
Tid: Torsdag 23:e oktober 2003 on stage Kl 21.00

Mikael Ramels band med Bengan Dalén, Bobo Andersson, Mats Öberg
Håkan Almqvist, Hasse Bruniusson, dvs samma succégäng som på Mosebackespelningen tidigare i år.

OBS! Den annonserade spelningen på rest. Nivå 03-10-02
är ändrad och flyttad i såväl tid som rum.

För bokning kontakta Mellotronen.

On thursday 23rd of October, Mikael Ramel and his band will play at the legendary Jazz Club Stampen in Stockholm (Old town). Here you can see Mikael Ramel,Bengan Dalén, Bobo Andersson, Mats Öberg, Håkan Almqvist and Hasse Bruniusson, the same line up that performed at the successful concert at Mosebacke earlier this year. Tickets are available at Mellotronen.

NEWS/NYHETER 2 September 2003
Fredagen den 31:a Oktober spelar Fläsket Brinner Live på klubben CRESCENDO i Norrköping. Crescendo ligger på Järnbrogatan 3 i centrala Norrköping. Arrangör är Roger Bergner och musikföreningen ANNAN MUSIK. Ni som såg Fläsket Brinner på Mosebacke i Maj vet att det är musikaliska stordåd som väntas. Det utlovas väldigt många fler låtar än tidigare så har ni möjlighet så ta er till Norrköping den 31:a Oktober. De kommer att spela två set med paus i mitten. (mycket intressant!)

Biljetterna kostar 150:-
Medlemmar i föreningen Annan Musik och Crescendo 130:-
Studerande (med stud. leg.) 100:-

Vi säljer biljetter på Mellotronen i Gamla Stan eller via samt i Norrköping via

Friday 31st of October, Fläsket Brinner will play live on stage at the Crescendo club in Norrköping. Tickets are available at Mellotronen and Crescendo.

Lagom till Norrköpingsgiget så kommer FLÄSKET BRINNER boxen finnas tillgänglig.
Namnet på denna 4 CD box är: THE SWEDISH RADIO RECORDINGS 1970-75. Missar ni Fläsket Brinner i Norrköping så finns ytterliggare en chans. De skall spela på en av SILJA LINE båtarna den 29:e November. Då tillsammans med:

• Trettioåriga Kriget, som släpper sin nya CD samma kväll!!!!! Mer om det senare!!!
• Mikael Ramel tillsammans med Flying Food Cirkus
• Contact
• Kjell Höglund & Johan Johansson
• Blå Tåget
• Psychedelic Dream featuring Kenny Håkansson
• Jack Vreeswijk
• Roffe Wikström med Blue Hammer

Surfa in på för info angående biljetter m.m.

Dont miss the SILJA LINE cruise on the 29th of November. Several of the most wellknown scandinavian prog groups will perform (programme - se above). Tickets are available at

NEWS/NYHETER 21 July 2003

Lördag 26 juli - Söndag 27 juli hittar du Mellotronen på Klubb Super 8 Goes to Hell (med Sunkit). Klubb Super 8 Goes to Hell är en stödfestival för att rädda Klubb Super 8:s kulturgärning, att sprida kultfilmens evangelium. Förutom att titta på film kan du handla begagnade plattor: psykedelia, progressive och annan långhårig musik! Fullständigt program hittar du på Sunkits hemsida.

Tid: 26-27 juli, kl. 14.00-02.00.
Plats: Draken, Fridhemsplan, Stockholm.
Minimiålder: 18 år.
Medlemskort: 60 kr (Klubb Super 8:s medlemskort gäller).
Entré: 2 dagar 200 kr, 1 dag 150 kr.

NEWS/NYHETER 10 May 2003
The concerts with Fläsket Brinner and Mikael Ramel at Mosebacke the 19th of May was something really special. Thanks to all musicians and thanks to the wonderfull audience! Fläsket Brinner and Mikael Ramel are deeply moved for all estimation!

There will be a new chance to see Fläsket Brinner and Mikael Ramel with his band Flying Food Circus. They will perform live at the Silja Line boat the 29th of November 2003.

If this is not good enough. The original line-up of Trettioåriga Kriget will perform again! On the same boat the same evening. The date is 29th of November. Write it down.