Title Krigssång
Label Mellotronen
Release 1975/2004
Cathegory Scandinavian Prog / Psych / Folk
Type CD
Price 140 SEK

melloCD-002 & melloCD-018

It was big step for a small label when I and Tord Lindman stepped inside the CBS head office (during the fall of 1991) to licence the rights for Krigssång.

Released on CD for the first time in April 1992 with the Urvädersgränd address on the back. 2nd edition released 1993 with the Kåkbrinken address.

The 3rd and "final" edition is carefully remastered. This new version includes 3 bonustracks from the same time period. Extended story and new discovered pictures from the Krigssång sessions. Musically this album are more melodic and melancholic than their brainstorming heavy debut. Much more flowing, symphonic minded music. Lots of Scandinavian air in the moody songs. Robert Zima´s dramatic voice gives the songs a wider dimension but also a mysterious aura in the listeners room. This their 2nd album is both dynamics and dramatic in a perfect way.

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