Title 3:e Skivan
Label Mellotronen
Release 1977/2005
Cathegory Scandinavian Prog / Psych / Folk
Type CD
Quality New
Price 140 SEK
After releasing the succesful "Till Dej" and "Extra Vagansa" it felt natural to fullfil this trilogy with Mikael´s third album from 1977. An Immortal masterpiece filled with charming compositions and maybe the strongest line-up from the glory 1970s. Bengt Dalén // Kenny Håkansson // Lasse Englund // Sten Bergman // Kay Söderström // Hempo Hilldén // Rune Carlsson // Bosse Skoglund // Bruno Råberg // Sture Åkerberg and the mighty queen of Jazz MONICA ZETTERLUND singing gorgeous on one of the tracks. Several English bonustracks are included as well. The CD is housed in a thick DIGI-PAK with booklet and informative Poster. The christmas gift of this year!!!