Title Same
Label Mellotronen
Release 1975 / 2006
Cathegory Scandinavian Prog / Psych / Folk
Type CD
Quality New
Price 140 SEK
Yes this is our latest release and it has the official release date 26th of January 2007 but you can get it now if you like. This band recorded what should have been a release for VIRGIN Records in the year of 1975. Only a handful of Acetates came out and the master reels disappeard and the band broke up. Here you might think that the story ends... but not! Dag Lundqvist from Trettioåriga Kriget phoned me 4 years ago about some strange tapes he had located in his attic. I borrowed them and almost died of happiness!!! The music totaly blew me away. What a mindblowing album!!! A band from 1975 sounding as a mix of CATHERDRAL - Stained Glass stories / YES - Fragile / ENGLAND - Garden Shed but most of all like PETER BANKīs FLASH. I played the cassette that I copied from the reels for almost every visitor who came to the shop during this time period and everyone agreed til 100% that this must be the ultimate symphonic chock of the century. It took me 2 more years to locate the members and what can say more than I am very proud to present the complete album incl. 2 bonustracks from 1976. The CD is housed in a nice DIGI-PAK with two interesting stories about the band and the lost tapes. Around 30 pictures of the members from 1975 are included as well. I am also proud to say that FRIENDSHIP TIME has done one of the best Symphonic albums of all time. Judge for yourself... Remember, they were only 18 years old when they recorded this album and it is exciting to hear a young band so maximal developed and with a mindblowing technical abillity that can make any musician give up their career. They live up to the great expectations I have given you. Should not risk to scream this out if itīs not was true. They will perform LIVE on the MELLO BOAT 27th of Janaury 2007. Thatīs it...!!!