Title Made In Rock
Label Mellotronen
Release 1974/75/76/2007
Cathegory Scandinavian Prog / Psych / Folk
Type CD
Quality New
Price 140 SEK

melloCD-001 and melloCD-022

Release on CD June 1991. Numbered edition. First CD in Sweden with full colour print on the disc. 2nd edition released 1993 with new distribution info in the booklet.

The third and ultimate issue of this bone crushing heavy blaster that can scare the shit out of any fainted hearted chicken. Housed in a nice Digi-Pak including a detailed story and plenty of unique pictures. Their 1975 singles are included as bonus. Also included are 4 brand new splendid heavy tracks with their new singer CHRISTIAN ANDRČN. The two very last songs are with the band 4-ever which included Anders and Gösta. Their super rare vinyl single is available on this CD. Musically not far from the German band Tiger B. Smith. Go for this ultimate issue of the most thunderous Heavy album from the mid period of the glorious 1970s.