Title Winds & Skins
Label Mellotronen
Release 1978 / 2008
Cathegory Soul / Funk / Bossa / Rare Groove
Type CD
Quality New
Price 140 SEK
During the 22 years of the Mellotronen history, several fantastic findings of yet unknown recordings of our favorite musicians have been made. However, the unveiling of the Winds and Skins tapes were an experience truly out of the ordinary.

Almost exact on the day of the 30th anniversary of the recordings (13th of December 1978) are we releasing these treasures!!

It is also the very last recordings of Sabu Martinez. He passed away 13th of January 1979.

Along side Sabu one can find Ivan Krillzarin, Daoud Amin and Sabu´s two sons Johnny and René Martinez and Sahib Shihab.

Sahib Shihab famous for playing with Luther Henderson, Charlie Parker, Thelonius Monk, Art Blakey, Kenny Dorham, Miles Davis, Benny Golson, Tadd Dameron, Quincy Jones, Francy Boland/Kenny Clarke Big Band and John Coltrane.

On the Winds and Skins recording Shihab delivers some of the funkiest and most mind-blowing notes ever performed on an electrified sax, steadily backed up by five suggestive percussionists.

The myth that Sahib Shihab never played electrified sax can hereby once and for all be dismissed!

Ivan Krillzarin are famous for his work with Mike Osbourne, Chris McGregor, Red Mitchell, Gary U.S. Bonds, Don Cherry, John Tchicai, Michael Smith and Bill Haley and the Comets.

Daoud Amin are famous for his work with Burton Greene, John Tchicai and Swedish singer/songwriter Turid Lundkvist.

The last track on the LP/CD is Sabu´s first ever recording in Sweden.

A Swedish Radio jingle he recorded together with Christer Boustedt and Palle Danielsson.