Title RAGNAROCK Splash Popol Vuh Culpepers Orchard)
Format DVD
System Merit Hemingson / Prudence / Savage Rose / Skin Al
Country Norge
Year 1973 / 2009
Price 250 SEK
1 DVD with the movie about the festival as well as plenty of extras!!! + 2 CDs (one from 1973 and one from 1974) filled with fantastic music from the "Norwegian Woodstock" festival 1973. Nice and thick booklet included as well. Among the performing bands one can find Saft / Merit Hemmingson / Culpepers Orchard / Splash / Savage Rose / Skin Alley / The Pretty Things + many others. Great bonus on the DVD! A rockumnetry with the band SAFT filmed in the mountains and beside a waterfall. There are also plenty of old Norwegian commercials. The CD includes music from the 1973 festival but also from the 1974 line-up: Alrune Rod / Neon Rose / Ruphus / Alex Harvey + more!! Best release from 2009 so far!!!