September 10th 1967 Pink Floyd performed at the jazz club The Golden Circle in Stockholm.The concert was recorded with professional microphones on a Revox tape recorder.This recording is the only one existing of a complete Pink Floyd performance during theyear 1967. The recording is of the highest quality and listening to it is as close as one can get to actually having been there when it happend.

On May 3rd & 7th 2011 we once again open the doors to the Golden Circle for a reconstructionof that magic afternoon in September 1967. On the same stage at which they performed will be the same tape recorder that recorded them as well as specially designed Pink Floyd mannequins, wearing identical clothes and instruments as in 1967. We will for the first time since then experience PINK FLOYD – Live at the Golden Circle.

The phenomenal Stockholm based Pink Floyd cover band LOST IN RICK WRIGHT’S WARDROBE will perform PINK FLOYD classics from the Syd Barrett era, 1965-1968. 

DJ:s Peter & Johan from KLUBB FOLKE!

Price: 450 SEK